Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Infographic Shows Differences Between Diseases We Donate To & Diseases that Kill


"while all charities have overheads, some deliver a much, much larger proportion of the dollars they receive to where it can make a difference than others.

However, high profile events like the ice-bucket challenge tend to disguise how little relatively wealthy people actually give away on average. If we spent as much on fighting disease as we do on bottled water to pick just one example, we'd have beaten most of these long ago."

* * *
No surprise, cancer gets the lion's share of donations, but it's not the leading killer.
People get really bent out of shape when I point out that the word "cancer" is no longer an automatic death sentence -- some types of cancer have a 90%+ cure rate -- there's just not as much reason to fear it as there was before gamma knife surgery and chemo/radiation were invented. 
CFS, however, is a life sentence.  Our cure rate is zero.  Oh, there are a few who go into remission sufficiently to go back to work full-time (I did), but even they live with the sword hanging over their heads, unsure of when (not if) they're going to go into relapse and be deathly ill again.  I've now been off work in relapse longer than I was back to work in remission.  But because people don't live in fear of dying of it, forget about raising hundreds of millions of dollars to fight it.