Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Laura Hillenbrand and CFS

Links to where Laura Hillenbrand has spoken/written about having CFS
Thank you, Laura, for being the face of CFS and speaking so eloquently about it.

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Laura's father, Rev. Bernard Hillenbrand, testified federally in Washington, DC (May 2011).

He starts @ Minute 5. -->

I'm Minute0 - Minute5. :-)

I've always found it fascinating that Laura, after her CFS diagnosis, went on to research and write a book on WWII. After my CFS diagnosis, I became an avid war history buff, and now admin Gulf War group.

Most people don't realize the profoundness of Laura's "fatigue to CFS, is like a match to an atomic bomb...." quote.

Things that make me go.... "hum"