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Inexpensive Internet for Disabled/Seniors

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DOnetwork News Alert posted on December 11th, 2014 at 1:53pm:

Free Internet Hotspots with Low Monthly Service Cost for People with Disabilities, Seniors and Returning Veterans

Take Action Today: Deadline December 15, 2014!

The Digital Access Project and are providing free hot-spots to eligible people with disabilities, seniors and returning veterans in California! People who do not currently have internet service at home are eligible and the monthly service charge is only $10.90 per month.

To get a free hot spot and see if you are eligible for monthly service at this rate contact:

Kim Hogan, Digital Access Project Coordinator
Phone: (916) 325-1690,
Email: [email protected]
In-Person (Sacramento): California Foundation for Independent Living Centers, 1234 H Street, Sacramento, CA 95814, please call Kim Hogan in advance to set up a time from 9am to 4pm.

The Digital Access Project also holds regularly scheduled digital literacy training sessions for new Internet and computer users â€" you can get your hot spot at one of these upcoming trainings too!

Wednesday, December 10th, 11th and 13th Starts at 10 AM
Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services
Education & Technology Center
3308 Third Ave
Sacramento, CA 95817
Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services and Digital Access Project training staff and people receiving free hotpots

Not near Sacramento?  That’s OK, we have community partners across California! CLICK HERE for a list of partners and locations, and be sure to scroll down and click on the logo's for our partners for more information.

To learn more about eligibility for the free hot-spots and affordable Internet service, please call 800-390-2699. Deadline to apply for free hotspots is December 15, 2014. Please note: The free hot-spots are not available at

“The best gift possible is giving someone affordable Internet at home,” said Kim Hogan, Digital Access Program Coordinator. “We are thankful for the donation of free hot-spots from This generous gift will help people with disabilities, seniors and low-income families get online to improve the quality of their lives.” offers high-speed residential Internet service to the general public, starting at $10 per month, with some restrictions. Typically, other Internet service providers charge as much as $70 a month. Louis Flores of Elk Grove is one of the first to get a free hotspot, which normally retails for about $89.00, and is signing up for the $10 a month plan. “The Internet has been unaffordable for me. Now my sons can look for work from home without having to go to the library and my daughter will not have to stay late at school to finish homework in a computer lab,” Flores said. “And my wife and I can use free online telephone services to talk to our families in Mexico. This is the best gift I could imagine.”

The Digital Access Project is a program of the California Foundation for Independent Living Centers (CFILC).

About California Foundation for Independent Living Centers
The mission of CFILC is to increase access and equal opportunity for People with Disabilities by building the capacity of Independent Living Centers. For more information, visit The Digital Access Project is a program that supports people with disabilities in getting Internet services at a lower cost and digital literacy training. For more information, visit

To read the article source, click here:

Disability Organizing Network - DOnetwork

California Foundation for Independent Living Centers
1234 H Street, #100 • Sacramento, CA 95814 • 877-427-0387 / 800-900-0706 TDD
Non Profit 501(c) 3 • Fed Tax ID: 94-2838242

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