Sunday, November 23, 2014

NIH Categorical Spending -NIH Research Portfolio Online Reporting

Headaches get 5x the research funding as ME/CFS.  Otitis media (ear infection) gets 3x as much funding.  Cancer gets 1000x as much funding as ME/CFS.  Even the mild annoyance of hay fever gets twice as much funding as our disabling illness!
The inequalities are horrifying.
We get $5M; MS, which is fairly similar in symptomatology, gets $115M.
If anyone wants to know why you're not taking any medications, not having any improvement, just point them to this chart.

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8 Step Plan to resolve our World’s catastrophic public health disaster:

1. Demand research funding parity for CFS:GWS with AIDS.
2. Suggest that CFS/GWS/AIDS be researched together by scientists rather than as separate entities.
3. Urge the CDC to move their AIDS division under the CFS/ME umbrella so they research all the infections that AIDS and CFS:GWS have in common.
4. Urge that AIDS organizations (like AmfAR) include CFS under their umbrellas so that CFS:GWS advocates don’t have to reinvent the wheel.
5. Demand that the White House, Fauci and the Director of NIH make a public statement that (just from what we know today) in terms of the immune dysfunction and human suffering, CFS:GWS is just as serious a public health problem as AIDS.
6. Request that an annual international joint CFS/GWS/AIDS conference be held by the World Health Organization.
7. Rename all "HIV/AIDS" centers to be "CFS/GWS/AIDS" that only provide free services and benefits to THE SICK!

8. Declare next December 1st to be the first “World Health Day.”

{I submitted my plan with my federal testimony, and presented it to folks at the UN too.}