Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Loneliness of Illness and Pain - Invisible Disabilities Association

"A huge part of illness is isolation. Oftentimes the overwhelming nature of chronic illness and pain drives even friends and family members away. This isolation turns into loneliness."
* * *
Even the very first time that I asked friends for help, they said No.  This was not, as some have argued, that I was soooo needy that I burned them out, but that they didn't even want to help the first time.
My friends were active people -- sitting around my living room chatting with a sick person didn't appeal to them as much as hiking, running, jet-skiing...  so they didn't do it.  Not even once.  I didn't need the rejection, I stopped calling and begging for a few minutes of their time.
In short order, my social life was limited to my mother calling once in a while, an emotionally needy friend calling to dump her problems on me so she wouldn't have to pay her shrink (which drained me even more, but I hated to discourage her from calling because at least it was someone to talk to), and whoever I could chat with on the internet.

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