Sunday, July 20, 2014

Why I'm feeling so crabby about cancer conspiracy theories | Cath Ennis

"...ranted about how "all you scientists are sitting on a 100% effective cure for cancer" ("a bunch of vitamins smushed together with proteins" were his exact words), watching millions of people die as we counted the royalty money from the "useless poisons" we were forcing people to take."
"There is no "cure" – just incrementally earlier detection, more effective treatments, and – in some cases, such as the HPV vaccine – better prevention."
"More importantly, if we really were sitting on a secret cure, no one in this field or any of our loved ones would ever die from cancer"
* * *
As I've said all along -- Big Pharma might be able to buy off the doctors, but not the patients.  If you were cured by drinking bat guano tea or standing on your head for half an hour a day while wagging your left foot, wouldn't you be all over the internet telling your fellow patients to stop wasting money on doctors?
Especially in CFS research, some of our medical experts have CFS themselves.  If herbs or vitamins were a cure, don't you think they'd cure themselves so they'd have more energy to devote to their patients????
I am not big on conspiracy theories, though I will admit that "the government's refusal to acknowledge CFS is because it's a bioweapon experiment gone wrong, for which they don't want to pay reparations to patients" is one that sounds plausible. 
But Dr. Bell has said in his newsletter that if a cure is found, it's going on his website so patients can avail themselves of it, and I've said much the same thing -- if I hear about a cure, it's going on my blog, in all my online groups, and in private e-mails/phone calls to other patients.  Remember that once it's posted on the internet, it can never disappear entirely.  Even if CDC had the power to remove my blog post and group postings, they can't make the people I've communicated with privately forget what they were told.  And they will tell their friends, who will tell their friends, and eventually word will travel to every major city's CFS support group.

And so it would be if they truly had a cure for cancer -- the patients would be bragging "I was cured by eating SomeWeirdStuff" to anyone who would listen.  The government couldn't keep the patients quiet.  Even if the government threatened them to say nothing, there will always ALWAYS be someone like me who doesn't give a hoot about threats and will shoot off my mouth regardless.

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