Monday, July 14, 2014

Final Stages | Documenting M.E.

"my body is literally starving itself to death. Even my best efforts to get food down have been met with frequent vomiting, rapid weight loss, and clear disease progression. The fight to get food down is exhausting. It involves closely monitoring nausea levels every single waking moment, waiting for the one minute window I may receive each day where my nausea subsides just enough that I think getting two or three bites down might be feasible. Even then, I nearly always lose the food anyway."
* * *
Been there, done that.
My quacks refused to believe I had such serious digestive problems, therefore, given that their solution was "you'd stop vomiting if you'd stop putting your finger down your throat", they weren't ordering IV nutrition, and because I didn't have an IV, I was told I didn't qualify for a nursing home because "you don't need nursing".  Catch 22, I couldn't get into a hospital or nursing home because I didn't have an IV or feeding tube, but I couldn't get one without being in a hospital or nursing home where medical personnel would see the proof that I threw up everything I ate.


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