Sunday, June 1, 2014

Plague: An Interview With Judy Mikovits

" we came up with a study that showed who would do well on Ampligen. 30% of the people with ME/CFS had antibodies to spleen focus-forming virus (SFFV), and these were the patients who responded to Ampligen."

"What we had found was a biomarker - the antibody to SFFV-env recognized by 7C10. This finding was later validated in the Lipkin multicenter study. The assay in our original paper was replicated in every study we did, but now all of that original data is lost. If I hadn't been so thoroughly discredited, and my research destroyed, Ampligen could have been approved."

"When they destroyed all of our work, and discredited everything I or Frank Ruscetti had ever published, and arranged for the publication of my mug shot in Science, the NIH very deliberately sent the message to researchers everywhere about what would happen to any honest scientist who dared ask those important questions."

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