Monday, June 2, 2014

Life in captivity

Former hostage Roy Hallums points out "you can't go to the bathroom, you
can't get a drink of water, you can't get something to eat" when you're being
held hostage.

When is the government going to do something about the millions of
innocents being held hostage by ME/CFS? Those with no families, or whose families
can't/won't care for them are in solitary confinement, having committed no
crime other than getting sick.

Where's the "special forces" push to rescue us?

Instead, we're ignored. When we complain, we're labelled as "whiners".
When we point out that the pain is so bad we pass out from it, we're told to
stop exaggerating ... by people who refuse to spend enough time with us to
find out that it's true. (All the things my doctor called "lies" could
have easily been disproven by checking me into a hospital for observation,
which he refused to do -- because it would have proven I was telling the
truth? Or because if you're sick enough to be hospitalized, temporary State
Disability benefits are automatically granted?)

Unlike members of our military (it's an all-volunteer force; there's no
longer a draft) or government employees who are taken hostage in the course of
their jobs, I did nothing to volunteer for this. I didn't have the option
of saying "I'll quit my embassy job before I'll go into an area that
requires hazardous duty pay." I got sick with an incurable illness while
following all the rules for good health habits.

It's time the government put enough resources into ME/CFS to find a
solution, get us out of captivity, get us back to work.

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too many people + not enough oil = eugenics.

Depop @ its finest. We are living it! :(