Saturday, June 14, 2014

Dr. Oz: World’s Best Snake Oil Salesman - The Daily Beast

The unmitigated claptrap that Dr. Oz promotes doesn't stop at weight-loss treatments, either. He'll help you choose "the right cleanse for your body type." (Correct answer: none of them.) ... somewhere along the way he decided that his fame was more important than his credibility, as demonstrated by his willingness to promote treatments that fail to withstand even the barest scientific scrutiny.
* * *
We were pleased when Dr. Oz addressed CFS and fibromyalgia on his show, educating millions that they are REAL diseases, not psychiatric problems.  Unfortunately, the doctor he chose to discuss them wasn't Peterson or Cheney or even Judy Mikovits, who'd talk about the fact that there's still no treatment, no cure, and the need for research ... the doctor he invited was Dr. T, who thinks we can exercise our way back to health, and gave no warnings that any exercise that makes you breathe hard is strenuous enough to push the virus even deeper into the heart muscle.  How many patients were made worse by following Dr. T's advice to exercise?

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