Saturday, May 17, 2014

Patients Share Human Side of Living in Pain amid Lawmaker Opiod Hysteria

A recent editorial in Journal of Pain Research, entitled "The damage done by the war on opioids: the pendulum has swung too far" discusses that "media sensationalism, neuromythology, and mischaracterization of pain patients as drug addicts has even deterred some prescribers from treating pain patients that they have successfully treated for years without problems of drug aberrancy".

But largely missing from the national conversation and media coverage are the voices and stories of the tens of millions of people that must endure pain on a daily basis.  Instead, the day-to-day struggles of these individuals (and their families) to achieve even a marginal quality of life are buried under an avalanche of commentary that stigmatizes and marginalizes these people.  That must stop…NOW. It's time for all of us to step back.

It's time for us to remember the people with chronic pain and to honor their humanity as they struggle to find some relief from debilitating pain.  And that's where I ask you, to help me, help you.

I want to amplify the stories of people living with chronic pain. 

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