Monday, May 5, 2014

Money Helps -- fundraiser and blog post

Spotted by Tom Kindlon:
I thought this was a nice blogpost by woman with M.E. from the UK. It
was written with May 12 in mind and designed to be shared with
healthies to help them understand. It also mentions The Princess and
ME fundraiser for Invest in ME that is taking place on May 12, along
with The Big Sleep for ME.

She talks about how she regrets she didn't rest more in the early
stages as it likely would have helped her prognosis, something many of
us can relate to.

She talks about how much time she rests and how she has to measure out
the activities she spends her energy on. i.e.

* * *
Unfortunately, in the early stages, most of us have doctors who try to persuade us that resting so much has made us deconditioned and urge us to exercise more.  When you report back that exercising has made you worse, they either accuse you of not wanting to exercise or chirp "no pain, no gain", rather than considering that their advice may be wrong.
By the time we find a doctor who knows that CFS is best treated with rest, it's too late; the damage has been done.
The two things we need most are research funding, and for word to get out to the greater medical community to STOP pushing patients to exercise.  There are medical conditions where the patient should not exercise, and this is one of them.

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