Monday, May 12, 2014

ME/CFS Medical Abnormalities

You'll hear a lot of people claiming there's nothing physically wrong with CFS patients.  Here's the proof that there really is:

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ME and CFS Medical Abnormalities

With the current focus on the development of
revised definitions for the disease that the
government is now calling "ME/CFS," it seemed
possibly useful for all concerned to have an
easily accessible and organized summary
document listing all the peer-reviewed articles
demonstrating medical abnormalities in these

More than 500 peer-reviewed articles have been
published demonstrating a wide variety of
physiological abnormalities in patients with
"Chronic Fatigue Syndrome" (a condition that
encompasses patients with Myalgic

A PDF summary includes citations and brief
summaries of each of these articles, organized
by type of abnormality and last updated on

(Hopefully this is pretty complete, but please let
me know if you notice that I missed anything.)

I have sent this document along to a variety of
experts in the disease, including those serving
on the IOM committee, in the hope that they
will find it helpful.

Topics include:

* Overview

* Cancer Risk

* Cardiac Abnormalities

* Orthostatic Intolerance

* Tilt Table Test

* Other Cardiovascular Issues

* Exercise & Activity Intolerance

* Oxidative Stress & Inflammation

* Cytokines & Complement

* Rnase L

* Mitochondria

* Natural Killer Cells

* Other Immune Abnormalities

* Herpesviruses

* Enteroviruses

* Gut

* Candida

* Mycoplasma

* Parvovirus B19

* Coxiella Burnetii

* Borna Disease

* Stealth Virus

* Other Infections

* Endocrine System

* Brain Abnormalities

* Cognitive Impairment

* Gait Abnormalities

* Sleep Abnormalities

* Pain

* Muscles

* Physical Symptoms

* Physical Abnormalities

* Laboratory Abnormalities

* Channelopathies

* Lipids

* Carnitine

* Nutrients

* ME/CFS vs. Other Conditions


* Gene Expression

Unfortunately, most of these abnormalities have never been covered by the mainstream news media, meaning that most people (including non-specialist physicians) have no idea that they have been shown to exist.

A document listing the small number of news
media articles on this topic that have been run
also is available (


Lisa Petrison, Ph.D.
Executive Director
Paradigm Change

PEM, NOT Chronic Fatigue, is why patients
  are bedridden, homebound, unemployed,
         and unable to walk a block.

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