Monday, May 12, 2014


Thrive Show is hosted by Jennifer Brea who is making a documentary
about ME, "Canary in the Coal Mine".

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Join us on Monday, May 12 at 3PM Eastern Time for a special episode on
ME Awareness Day.

We will be joined by three unique individuals with distinct
backgrounds and expertise related to myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME).
Our guests include:

Ryan Prior: Ryan is a journalist, film producer, and social
entrepreneur from Atlanta, GA.  A former writer for The Daily Beast
and USA Today, he is now executive producer and writer of the feature
film Forgotten Plague (; previous working
title: The Blue Ribbon). The documentary focuses on the role that
major new trends in Big Data and genomic medicine play in addressing
ME/CFS and transforming the future of medicine. In conjunction with
the film, he is co-founder of the Blue Ribbon Foundation which will
promote the documentary and install first-year medical students at top
neuro-immune institutes.

Leonard Jason: Leonard is a professor of psychology at DePaul
University in Chicago, Illinois, where he also directs the Center for
Community Research. His chief professional interests include the study
of chronic fatigue syndrome, smoking, smoking cessation, and Oxford
House recovery homes for substance abuse. His interest in chronic
fatigue syndrome began when he was diagnosed with the condition in
1990 after having mononucleosis. Check out his book "Principles of
Social Change":

Jeannette Burmeister: Jeannette is an attorney, ME activist, writer,
mother, and wife. You can follow her health journey on Thoughts About

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