Thursday, March 20, 2014

Yesterday's IACFS conference at Stanford

This is Cort's report on yesterday's conference, not the one I went to today.  I'll post my notes when I feel up to it.

Phoenix Rising
The 2014 conference season began yesterday at Stanford, home of Dr. Jose
Montoya and his team, and 'searcher' was there to provide a live commentary
on the presentations from an all-star line-up of clinicians and scientists
and which featured some exciting new developments on the research front...

Stanford plays host to the first of *five* conferences over coming days,
and, thanks to our volunteer 'searcher', all members of Phoenix Rising will
be able to follow events as they unfold, live, in the members-only forum,
and also with highlights via Twitter.

We will also aim to also publish a public article - such as this one - on
each of the days following a conference, providing everyone with a chance
to catch-up on events, and after the conferences are finished, we will look
at more in-depth analyses of the presentations: once we have had a chance
to digest all the information, perhaps interview some of those involved -
and pause for breath!

The Stanford ME/CFS Initiative is the department run by Dr. Jose Montoya, a
noted clinician and researcher, and well recognised by the patient
community, and it was he who opened the conference - and about whose recent
research there was perhaps most expectation by the patients in the audience
and following at home.

Notes taken from the conference are highlighted below and click on the
photographs to access a profile (if one was available).

Click this link to read the conference summary in full:

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