Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Extra Burdens Faced by Young People with Chronic Illness

Interesting that Toni Bernhard should post this today, the 26th anniversary of my diagnosis.  Many women with CFS are told they're "just menopausal".  I escaped that because to diagnose menopause in a woman so young would have required the doctor to figure out WHY someone under 30 was in menopause -- he was taking the easy way out by slapping a psych diagnosis on a physical illness so he didn't have to do more research, so he sure wasn't going to make more work for himself with that "just menopause" diagnosis.
I did get it the second time around, when I was in my early 40s.  Nice try, Doc, but it was more than ten years later that I finally did go into menopause, developing hot flashes to prove that that's what it was this time. 
No, I was not just a woman depressed because menopause signalled I was getting older -- I was an active young woman whose body had just failed, trying to figure out why I could no longer do the things I'd been doing, being derided as "lazy" or "too young to be so sick" or "faking" or "exaggerating small symptoms into a huge problem" because it was easier to apply those disparaging labels than to acknowledge that the myth that Modern Medicine can fix everything is not true.

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