Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Bobby Jindal pushes disabilities canard | MSNBC

Jindal argues that because the law provides such generous funding, more generous than the traditional Medicaid program, to cover childless adults, it "prioritizes" that population over the disabled, many of whom are enrolled in the traditional Medicaid program.
But Jindal, ostensibly one of his party's wonks, especially on health care policy, is wrong.
More from the TPM report on the policy details that "effectively undermine the whole line of attack":
First, some disabled people could actually qualify for health coverage under the Medicaid expansion…. Second, Obamacare should have no policy bearing on the traditional Medicaid program.
... Third, and perhaps most devastatingly to Jindal's theory, Obamacare actually expands programs and funding for so-called "long-term services and supports" under Medicaid – the kind of long-term care that the disabled would utilize.
* * *
Suddenly, when the opportunity comes up to blast Obamacare, politicians are suddenly worried about the disabled.  Why aren't they worried about the hundreds of thousands of disabled people who've been denied SSDI benefits, or who are still endlessly waiting year after year to be approved for benefits?

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