Monday, March 3, 2014

Autoimmune Basis for Postural Tachycardia Syndrome

Conclusions POTS patients have elevated α1AR autoantibodies exerting a partial peripheral antagonist effect resulting in a compensatory sympathoneural activation of α1AR for vasoconstriction and concurrent βAR‐mediated tachycardia.
* * *
No, it's not all in my head.
There's a hospital 6 blocks from my house, which is NOT affiliated with the quacks who were trying to tell me I was imagining things; they weren't writing down anything that proved an objective problem existed, and I suspected it was in the computer that other doctors at that medical group also should refuse to do objective testing to maintain the "all tests are normal" mantra. 
Heart problem, insurance pays for the nearest hospital, even if it's not on your plan.  Unfortunately, it never stayed tachy long enough for me to get to that hospital to have it documented, and I was not going to have another medical group with records of "patient SAYS she had a problem, but no evidence of it when she got here.  It's all in her head."

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