Wednesday, March 26, 2014

2014 IACFS/ME Conference -- Lapp

"if you try to push, it just makes things worse"
7-9x more likely to have co-morbidities (IBS, migraine, MCS, gluten sensitivity, etc.)
NSRIs, anti-epileptics, each can take pain down 1-2 levels; take them together and you can take it down 4 levels
"there's something magical about lying flat"
dedicated rest period, 10-30 minutes, several times a day
lie down, clear your mind (no lists, no phone, no distractions)
Lapp uses "energy dollars" concept -- you will pay it back the next day, plus a penalty
AVOID sugar, caffeine, alcohol, nutrasweet, and tobacco
DO NOT exceed your anerobic threshold, which is very low in CFS patients.  10-12 minutes is the max you can do.
230 minus your age = the maximum heart rate (e.g., 50 years old, 230-50=180)
anerobic threshold is 0.6x that (180 x .6 = 108)
cut your activity back by 50% if you become symptomatic
multivitamin                        B12
D3                                    magnesium
calcium                            DHEA
Carnitine                            NADH
CoQ10                                Lysine
Ribose                                Methylfolate
Lapp is always taking new patients in Charlotte, but he's not always covered by insurance

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