Monday, February 17, 2014

Oscar Films that Realistically Depict Life for the Disabled

"Coming Home is the first movie that realistically portrays a romance between a person who is able-bodied and another who suffers from a devastating disability—realistic in that it doesn't shy away from depicting both the emotional and physical challenges they face.

I remember reading a comment about Coming Home made by man a who is paraplegic. He said that the film led to a whole generation of women looking at men in wheelchairs in a completely different light. That's quite an accomplishment in filmmaking."

* * *

As Laura Hillenbrand has said, 90% of a relationship is hanging out, and despite being bedridden, she could still hang out really well.

I can't tell you how many men have passed me by because the idea of "you go hiking (or skiing) with your buddies and I'll have a good dinner on the table when you come home" doesn't match up with their fantasy of a woman who'll do athletic stuff with them.  Where are the men who love the idea of Guys Night Out without a wife demanding to tag along?

Yes, there are challenges in dealing with my health, but every relationship has challenges.  I've had relationships with physically healthy people whose emotional issues created far more problems and drama than my medical problems.  Yet, they had no problem finding new women to date because their condition wasn't obvious until the relationship had progressed.  My limp, my looking weak and exhausted, my dropping things, are all right out there from the beginning to scare away people who want only perfection.


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