Friday, January 24, 2014

Power of Positive Thinking debunked

Power of Positive Thinking debunked.  All the positive thinking in the world has not cured me, did not make it possible for me to tell my body to do what it was too damaged to do, and did not get me the help I desperately needed. 
Visualizing myself out playing at Disneyland didn't stop my body from passing out every time I sat up, making clear that I wasn't even going to make it to the airport, much less through a day at the park, without someone calling an ambulance. 
And here's the proof that "thinking happy thoughts" is bullshit. 

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Lee Lee said...

haha can't say that I disagree with you. years of positive thoughts havent really gotten me very far on a physical level, but I must say that I do think it has helped me to just feel a sense of joy in times when it would have been previously impossible. I think the positive thinking has helped rewire my brain to not feel stressed or anxious when things are bad physically.