Monday, December 16, 2013

A Brief Tour Through Some Common Topics in M.E. Science

What I was met with was a severely fractured literature, ranging from the psychological through to severe and irreversible neurological damage. As I continued my research it became clear that no one really had any idea so thousands of ideas were being thrown about with little evidence to let one rise above the others.
... It soon became clear that while there are many competing hypotheses, there at least exists a large bank of evidence supporting a physiological causation for the disease.
... Unfortunately we are not yet at a point where any leading causation for ME has been found, so conventional medicine provides little help.
* * *
And there's the key -- unlike cancer, where they can surgically remove the problem, or chemo/radiation it into submission, there's nothing Modern Medical Science can do for ME/CFS.  There are "bandaid approaches", here are some pain pills, some sleeping pills, some cough syrup, but nothing that FIXES the problem.
So please don't think that I'm not doing everything possible when I tell you that I'm not in active treatment.  There aren't any pills, shots, surgeries that can cure me.

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