Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Thomas Michael Hennessy, Jr. Obituary, Boca Raton, FL

Tom was a good friend and an excellent activist.  The cause will miss him greatly.



Over the years, I have loved listening to Tom's testimonies "NO MAS." What a rabble rouser! Tom never swayed from taking a stand on unearthing the horrific truth called "Gulf War Syndrome." Although I never met Tom in-person, I will miss our chats in all the forums, a few phone calls, and *strategy conversations* about our shared TRUTH-SPEAKING activism. I know how much gets risked when one chooses to speak the truth, yet Tom still pressed forward. Tom is truly a hero in my mind, who gave me so much fuel and inspiration (and lots of advocacy ideas too). As I don't believe in giving money (as there is already millions being squandered --- and prefer the priceless value of people's time and voice), in Tom's honor, I am going to do a postcard drop to every USA Congressman (stating exactly what I know Tom would want it to read). The ending is happy ---> it is truly the mark of a man, the legacy that Tom has left behind. w ww.cfsstraighttalk.blogspot.c o m

CFS Facts said...

Especially since Tom would've been horrified at sending money to CAA as the obituary suggests. I can't repeat in polite company what he said to me about them, and if I took out the profanity, we'd be left with "the" and "a". ;)

We've lost a very powerful voice.

It'll put a damper on the WPI fundraiser where Pat Fero is getting the lifetime advocacy award -- the reminder that life expectancy is 58, so our first-generation advocates are living on borrowed time. We're going to start losing a lot of our best people in the coming years.

I'll take your postcard idea to my circle of advocates and see what we can do about coming up with some suitable text.