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ME/CFS HealthWatch - Advocates Insist CDC Study Must Include CPET, NK Cel...

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August 14, 2013

CDC Study Must Include CPET, NK Cell and Viral Testing, Advocates Insist

The CDC's multi-site study is the biggest one ever, but will it actually include patients with ME/CFS? Eleven organizations and 31 advocates think not. Their letter calls for objective testing and measurements. You can add your voice! Read More »
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The Simmaron ME/CFS Physicians Roundtable Pt. II: Talking Treatments
Drs. Peterson, Klimas and Enlander discuss their treatment philosophies, as well as what is on the horizon for ME/CFS patients: Vistide, CMX 001, Imunovir, Low-Dose Naltrexone, and GcMAF.
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"The Bar Has Been Raised" - CFSAC Spring 2013, Day One
Day One of the CFSAC meeting featured the brief return of former CFSAC Chair Wanda Jones, an hour of public comment, and discussion of the committee's controversial new 'Prioritized Recommendations.' Read More »

"Intimidated, Frightened, Threatened with Eviction" - CFSAC Spring 2013, Day Two
Tensions flared up right at the end of the conference, with Eileen Holderman revealing that she and two other committee members had been threatened with expulsion from the committee and were consulting with lawyers. Read More »

Mainstreaming ME Research: The 8th Invest in ME International ME Conference, 2013
The recent patient-focused ME/CFS drug development meeting held by the FDA was a start - but only a start. Bob Miller is now calling on the FDA to convene a follow-up meeting to engage pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Read More »

Severe Myalgic Encephalomyelitis Understanding and Remembrance Day - August 8
"I am a ghost in the land of the living - forgotten, ignored and drifting on the edges of life... I have Myalgic Encephalomyelitis."
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VIDEO: Dr. De Meirleir on Oxygen Therapy, Rituximab, Ampligen, Pacing, Fecal Transplants

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