Thursday, July 25, 2013

Theda Update

Change for ME Australia writes:
Hello Changers
It is with a heavy heart we share the news that many of you might now have
heard. The gorgeous, brave and courageous Theda Myint a member of our
community, a fellow changer and warrior woman of unmatched generosity of spirit
left us the night before last.
Our thoughts are with her mother Carol and partner Blake and all of her
loved ones and on-line friends who formed such close bonds with her forged
through shared experience.
These moments for our community are terribly hard hitting. But Theda would
hate the idea of anyone getting sicker because of their grief.
... So if you'd like to light a candle for Theda, share a memory or even
if you didn't know her but very naturally feel kinship, please light a
candle and share some thoughts. Her family can view the page when they are ready
and it might bring them some comfort to see the love shining bright for
Then, most importantly hold each other tight. ME and Lyme may be invisible
diseases, but the suffering is not. Neither are our friendships and
connections. Hold tight to those.
Hope for Change
Change for ME Australia team

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