Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Fibromyalgia -- Today on Dr. Oz

6 million people (mostly women) have fibromyalgia
Oz says "it angers me" that women aren't taken seriously, aren't getting diagnosed, and reminds us "you must strong-arm your doctor" to make sure you're listened to.
He asked the visiting expert "Why did it take so long for medicine to accept it's real?" but she didn't really answer.  It wasn't till 1990 that they established diagnostic criteria, and "still most doctors don't think fibromyalgia is real". 
"Calling it hypochondria is inappropriate."
"It's about the pain dial in our brain" -- in fibro, "it gets turned way up and stays stuck on full blast".  Doctors often misdiagnose as MS, migraines, Lyme, etc.
Sean Mackey, MD, PhD "a disease of the brain, specifically the nerves and neurons that are processing pain in the brain".  "While it is in your brain, it's not all in your head."  There are genetic factors and an episode (injury or infection) that triggers it.
No specific food that triggers it, but those who eat an anti-inflammatory diet seem to do better.  Mackey's group is focusing on neurology to find a therapy that works.
Oz recommends a rheumatologist, they often see lots of fibro patients, and neurologist because of the neuro involvement.
They demonstrated Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment, performed by an osteopath (look for DO rather than MD).  Note that not all osteopaths do this; I ended up with a chiropractor.
There is a quiz at www.DoctorOz.com to determine if you have fibro

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