Monday, June 3, 2013

The M.E. Meme

Permission to re-post in its entirety only and crediting Eddie Lewisohn as the author.

The M.E. *Meme

The meaning of M.E. is plain
It's inflammation of the brain.
So why on earth, patients insist
Would we need a psychiatrist?

A medical insurance co.
Still thought we do, and so
To add to everyone's distress
M.E. was re-named "CFS"

It was a mighty cunning scheme:
"CFS" became a meme,
And though M.E. remains a virus,
Psychiatrists can now say "Hire us!"

You'll never hear a shrink confess
The M.E. isn't "CFS".
They know they're way out of their league
But will still treat you - for "fatigue".

©Eddie Lewisohn 2013

*a meme is a meaningless phrase repeated ad nauseam.

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