Saturday, June 29, 2013

Matching Donations at Groupon Help National CFIDS Foundation

Matching Donations at Groupon Help National CFIDS Foundation, Inc. Fund



The world's most popular (and largest) daily deals site is now at iGive.
Groupon's great deals will mean donations for National CFIDS Foundation,

Even better -- this holiday week (and a bit more), we're going to match
the donations raised by your supporters who shop at Groupon. That's right,
DOUBLE DONATIONS at the hottest deal site in town between 6/28/13 and

You can save money and help National CFIDS Foundation, Inc. at the same
time. Just pay a

visit to
urce=causegroupon130628&utm_medium=email&utm_content=causegroupon130628&utm_campaign=causegroupon130628) .

If you're not already a member, anyone can join today (always free, the
stores pay for everything) at
30628) .


The optional iGive Button makes it automatic at over 1,300 great stores

A portion of purchases at over 1,300 stores means a free donation to
National CFIDS Foundation, Inc.. The Button makes sure every purchase counts,
even if you forget.

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