Monday, April 15, 2013

Dr. Montagnier (who won Nobel for HIV) is working on ME now

LemonFoundation informs us:
Dr. Luc Montagnier (who won the 2008 Nobel for his HIV discovery) is working on ME now.

Facilitated by the UN, I met with Luc and his Parisian colleagues (twice now) to provide blood samples.

This is an interview with Luc from "House of Numbers(HON)" (4 minutes):

90-minute HON documenary is:


Joanne said...

Interesting I had not realised.

Prof Montagnier believes that most chronic illnesses are due to underlying pathogens often bacterial I posted about him on my blog after a TV interview

He is also aware and supportive of Chronic Lyme Disease. My ME/CFS turned out to be lyme Disease. Another interesting point is that many mums with ME/CFS have children with Autism.
Further interview in France on the treating Autism with antibiotics that Prof Montagnier was involved with is here


Thanks for posting the link.

Quote from my federal testimony:

"...Over the past 9 years, after opening my private foundation, I got the White House to open an investigation, Senator John Kerry to forward my case to the head of the CDC, and the U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator to forward my case to the NIH/NIAID.

Amongst other things, my blood has been to the CDC-Atlanta (twice) and to the Washington-DC pathology labs. I have sat on conference call with the American Red Cross. Facilitated by the United Nations, I have been out of the USA (twice now) to meet with a Nobelist and his colleagues to provide blood samples."

- Washington, DC via conference call ~5-minutes: