Friday, April 26, 2013

Doctors blast ethics of $100,000 cancer drugs - Apr. 25, 2013

Drug prices for all sorts of conditions are far out of line with any economic basis. That's an unsustainable trend, in his view.

Kantarjian hopes other doctors will take up the cause and start analyzing -- and speaking out against -- the rapidly rising costs of drugs in their fields.

"CML happens to be my area," he said. "We wanted to provide a model that other tumor experts and specialists in other fields -- say cystic fibrosis or multiple sclerosis -- can follow."


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The drugs that seem to help with CFS are all so expensive that they'd eat up a full-time paycheck.  Where's the incentive for patients to get off Disability and go back to work if every cent they earn is going to pay for prescriptions, leaving them nothing to live on?


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