Friday, March 15, 2013

WPI: Moving Forward

It's been a crazy couple of years for the Whittemore Peterson Institute;
the XMRV finding made it the darling of the ME/CFS community but XMRV's
failure and Dr. Mikovits dismissal cast the Institute into the shadows. Now
with several grants and a published study under their belt they're

I took a tour through the stunning facility last year and recently got
President Annette Whittemore and Research Director Lombardi to talk about
the WPI - past and future.

Find out what Annette learned from the past couple of years, what she
might, in hindsight, have done differently and her hopes for the future,
and then check out Dr. Lombardi's big new toy (and what he plans to do with
it); his own unique immune research focus, the silver lining behind the
XMRV letdown and why he believes the search for *a* biomarker is probably a
fools errand in

"Moving Steadily Forward": Annette Whittemore and Dr Lombardi on the WPI -
Past and Future

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