Monday, March 4, 2013

My Silver Anniversary and not the gift I wanted

25 years ago today, I got my diagnosis.
It was my uncle's birthday, so I phoned the house where they were having the party and told the whole family at once.  It was assumed to be a great birthday present for him, since the whole family thought that knowing what the problem was meant proper treatment to cure it.
Little did we know that a quarter-century later, there would still be no treatment, no cure, damn little research done -- in fact, my "anniversary present" was to wake up this morning to the information that CDC's "2013 budget request includes a decrease of $2.425 million for emerging infectious diseases below the FY 2012 level. ... Due to completion of population-based studies to address Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, the proposal also includes reduced funding that will shift focus of CDC's activities to patient and provider education and clinic-based studies."

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