Thursday, February 21, 2013

Cort Johnson interviews Tom Kindlon

Cort Johnson conducted an extensive interview with Tom Kindlon on the subject of CBT. The interview is in three parts and can be accessed by clicking the following links:-

[Part One][Part Two][Part Three]

Tom draws attention to research which concludes with far less favourable results than more highly publicised studies.

meeting the Fukuda criteria for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome was the most powerful predictor of a poor outcome.

 Dr. Darrel Ho-Yen, a microbiologist who published several papers in the past and wrote the popular book, "Better Recovery from viral illness", says he does "not recommend an emphasis on greater activity until a patient feels 80% normal". Another doctor with similar views is Dr. Martin Lerner who, along with treating many patients, had personal experience of the condition but is now better. He "prohibits" exercise until CFS patients reach 7 or more on his Energy Index Point Score. This is a high score – if you score more than 5 you are in recovery. A score of 7 means an individual who can work a sedentary 40-hour per week job, who does not need to nap during the day, is up from 7AM to 9PM, and does light housekeeping. He says, "if you exercise before that you're going to go backwards".

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A round of applause for all Tom does for us!  (And, yes, I know -- "no applause, just throw money")