Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Name Change

Panel recommends changing name of common disorder in women
01/23/2013 08:13 AM EST

An independent panel convened by the National Institutes of Health has
concluded that the name of a common hormone disorder in women,
polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), causes confusion and is a barrier to
research progress and effective patient care.

/*Gee whillikers, I know another disease that sure could benefit by a
name change. Surely "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome" is the paradigm exemplar
of crucifixion by linguistic folly. Who would have imagined that this
episode of cruel and careless word-smithery could cause so much
unnecessary death and destruction? Who would have imagined that the
banal word fatigue could turn into an instrument of sabotage and the
ruination of lives?*/
* * *
Thanks, Deb!
The CDC agreed to study the matter [of a name change] but later announced
that the adoption of a new name is premature. In a catch-22, the present name
trivializes the illness, thereby discouraging the research funding needed to
uncover the pathophysiology of the disorder, which would help determine a more
accurate name. -- Katrina Berne
The name "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome" was selected by a small group of politically motivated scientists. Their deliberate intention was to obfuscate the nature of the disease by placing it in the realm of the psychiatric rather than the organic. The harm they have caused is surely one of the great tragedies of medicine. –– Hillary J. Johnson
The name of an illness has a profound impact upon those who suffer from it, upon how the uninformed perceive it, and upon medical research and treatment.–– John Herd

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