Thursday, January 31, 2013

Moms Who Vax: Consequences--in the language of the courts

Unfortunately, when a new parent or parent-to-be Googles "Vitamin K newborn" the first link is a video from Mercola touting the "dangers" of the Vitamin K shot. I wish the first link that came up under "Vitamin K" and "newborn" was the coroner's investigation I just read.
* * *
Any time I'm confronted by a mother who refuses to vaccinate because of her fears that vaccination leads to autism (unproven, and the quack who propounded that "research" has been discredited), I ask whether she'd prefer a living child with autism or a child dead of a preventable disease.  We've had deaths from whooping cough and new cases of polio (which were virtually eradicated in the US until this anti-vaccine movement).  Do you really think living with polio paralysis is preferable to living with autism?
Unfortunately, some of the same nonsense pervades the CFS community.  If you're allergic to eggs, then, no, it's not advisable to get a flu shot.  But if you have immune system deficiencies, why run the risk of getting the flu on top of everything else?  Three or four weeks of the flu is not my idea of fun.  The virus in the shot is DEAD; it cannot give you the flu.  (The up-the-nose mist spray is live virus and should not be given to anyone with compromised immunity.)
I get a flu shot every year.  I've also had the pneumonia shot (which is good for 10 years).  I don't need what Toni Bernhard calls "sick on sick".

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