Thursday, January 17, 2013

Marriage and Family Therapists: Understanding Fibromyalgia

Source: California State University
Date: December 2012 / January 9, 2013

Title: Workshop for marriage and family therapists: understanding
fibromyalgia syndrome
Author: Williams, Michelle
Type: Thesis


The purpose of this project is to create a workshop that will educate
Marriage and Family Therapy Trainees, Marriage and Family Therapy
Interns, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists and licensed
Psychologists about fibromyalgia syndrome. Once educated, therapists
would be able to recognize this medical condition and appropriately
treat their therapy clients; they would dismiss labels such as
somatization disorder, factitious disorder or malingering, for this
population. In addition, they would be aware of and can assess for the
high rates of depression and suicide risk associated with the
diagnosis. In clients not yet diagnosed with fibromyalgia the educated
therapist will potentially have the foresight to refer their clients
to an appropriate medical doctor for evaluation and treatment. If the
therapist is knowledgeable and prepared with the appropriate treatment
options, in advance, for the obstacles that some with fibromyalgia
face, their effectiveness for this population of client will improve.
In addition, the relationship between the therapist and client
diagnosed with fibromyalgia could strengthen as a result of the
therapist taking the initiative to understand their client?s
subjective reality.

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