Thursday, January 3, 2013

Is your hospital hurting you? -

"The culture of health care needs to change. Medical mistakes cause too many needless harm or deaths, yet few people see the problem in this context because we rarely have an open and honest conversation about the quality of health care in America. When we do, it is often behind closed doors. This is a challenge that a new generation of doctors is working to change through initiatives ranging from more transparent bedside care to public reporting of hospital performance."
"A Harvard study published in the New England Journal of Medicine reported an alarming fact: 18% of patients were actually harmed by medical care. The Congressional Budget Office estimates that up to 30% of health care procedures, tests and other services do not improve health outcomes."
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For years, we've been seeing statistics that iatrogenic harm is the third- or fourth-leading cause of death in the US.  The other day, I saw a new statistic boosting doctors to second place.

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