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Diagnostic and Treatment Resources Online (Dr. Lerner)

Diagnostic and Treatment Resource Guide for Myalgic
Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Available Online

BEVERLY HILLS, MI – March 20, 2012 New diagnostic and treatment
resources for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
(ME/CFS) physicians and patients are now available online to the
public. ME/CFS, a poorly understood illness affects as many as 4
million people in the US alone, by CDC estimates, with a quarter
disabled by it. ME/CFS affects more Americans than AIDS, lung cancer
and breast cancer combined, yet has few available treatment options or
resources for patients and even fewer research dollars available to
scientists. Dr. A Martin Lerner, esteemed infectious disease
specialist and researcher of the Treatment Center for CFS in Beverly
Hills, MI, has made available online a video presentation i.e. of his
diagnostic and treatment protocol, a digital file
of the corresponding document presented and a stand-alone treatment
resource guide for ME/CFS i.e.
. They are all found on his website, at .

When asked why he produced a video and supplemental documents around
his ME/CFS protocol, Lerner responded, "I decided to record the
diagnosis and treatment of ME/CFS with its science, for both
physicians and patients. There was a need for information that was
easy for both communities to follow, clearly outlined for educational
and implemental use."

Lerner himself was at one time plagued by ME/CFS. He was his own first
patient. Since then, he has seen hundreds of stricken patients. Over
the decades, and through much research, he has created the protocol
used today - involving the treatment of Epstein Barr Virus,
Cytomegalovirus, and Human Herpesvirus 6 singularly or in combination
through the use of antiviral pharmaceuticals. In recent years there
has been increasing talk of his protocol success, in large part due to
the publication of his most recent case study. He published the
successful results of 142 ME/CFS patients over the course of treatment
lasting as long as 6 years.

A lack of available ME/CFS literate physicians available to ME/CFS
patients is universally known within this tight knit community. It is
therefore commonly understood, these patients take on the role of
educating their doctors on their own illness. It came to the attention
of the Treatment Center for CFS that patients have been printing out
Lerner's published research and case reviews; bringing these as
resources for their doctor appointments, asking their doctor to follow
the Lerner protocol. Lerner's most recently shared set of diagnostic
and treatment resources is a nod to this practice. It is one more set
of resources the patient can share with their treating physician and
the treating physician can add to their diagnostic and treatment

Tracy Waechter, former medical professional, climber, and community
volunteer now housebound with ME/CFS shared, "I am fortunate to have a
local physician who supports the diagnosis of ME/CFS. He isn't one to
try much outside of the box, but (he) is interested in research-based
medicine. I recently presented him with Dr. Lerner's excellent
research on the use of antivirals. I greatly appreciate and admire
physicians like Dr. Lerner who dedicate themselves to this underserved
patient population, and provide patients like me treatment options."

Another common concern in the ME/CFS community is regarding the safety
of patients. Antiviral drugs commonly used, while when managed closely
have been found to be quite safe, must be monitored. Sharing these
diagnostic and protocol guidelines provided another opportunity to
remind the treating physicians and their patients just how important
it is to closely monitor the treatment process.

Diagnostic and Treatment Resource Guide for ME/CFS – Page 2

"Close management by the responsible physician is absolutely
necessary. When following the protocol, they must NOT allow for
abnormalities that can occur, in liver and kidney levels for example,
as highlighted in my research and guidelines," says Lerner. "But with
much care, the results are life-saving, and regularly return ME/CFS
patients to a more normal life."

It is with this hope for all ME/CFS patients, that Dr. Lerner
continues his work. At 82-years-young, Lerner continues to see
patients five-days-a-week, and to publish groundbreaking science. Most
recently his work could be seen in a poster presentation at the annual
International Association for CFS/ME Conference in Ottawa, Canada.

When asked what's next, Lerner replied, "Our research work continues!
All of the work in the video has been confirmed by its repeated
replication over the past few years." He then changed gears a bit, to
say, "I am hopeful, for the sake of the patients as well as future
research, that the science of ME/CFS can soon be accepted to join the
total body of our scientific understanding of viral infection."

The ME/CFS patient and physician community share his enthusiasm and
hope. In the meantime, because of Lerner's commitment to sharing his
findings, they have a few more diagnostic and treatment resources at
their fingertips.

About Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS)

Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome(ME/CFS), also
called Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome (CFIDS),
Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS),
affects as many as 4 million people in the US alone, by CDC estimates,
with a quarter disabled. It affects more Americans than AIDS, lung
cancer and breast cancer combined. Research by the National Chronic
Fatigue foundation found CFS sufferers average age of death to be as
much as 20 years premature to the average American. It is a
multisymptom disease, affecting the cardiovascular, immune and central
nervous system. The most publicized symptom of the disease is the
crippling fatigue, with most patients bed-ridden for all but a few
short minutes or hours per day. To the naked eye these patients may
look healthy, due to the "invisible" nature of the symptoms, many
times causing confusion regarding its legitimacy.

About Dr. A. Martin Lerner

Dr. A. Martin Lerner founded the Treatment Center for Chronic Fatigue
Syndrome in Beverly Hills, Michigan. An Infectious Diseases specialist
who was at one time plagued by ME/CFS, he has committed the past 25
years to the diagnosis and treatment of CFS for patients around the
world. In the past 50 years Dr. Lerner has written over 200
peer-reviewed publications spanning many areas of infectious diseases
and virology.

Dr. A. Martin Lerner Treatment Center for CFS
Mailing Address: 32804 Pierce Road, Beverly Hills, MI 48025
tel +1 248.540.9866 fax +1 248.540.0139

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