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Rituximab helps CFS

Note: On Sep. 11, Swedish ME patient organization RME Stockholm hosted
a conference featuring several ME/CFS researchers including Chris
Snell and Profs. Mella and Fluge. The conference lineup is listed
below. Following is a press release by RME Stockholm. Past RME
conference videos have been posted online, I'm not sure if this one
will be.

Seminarium on ME / CFS

Making the case for clinical exercise testing in CFS/ME research and treatment
Professor Christopher R. Snell, Pacific Fatigue Laboratory, California, USA
The lecture will be in English

B-lymphocyte depletion as a therapeutic intervention for chronic
fatigue syndrome/ME
by Professor Olav Mella / Dr. Øystein Fluge, Haukeland University
Hospital, Bergen, Norway
The lecture will be held in Norwegian

One year experience in ME/CFS project at Danderyd
Dr Per Julin, ME rehabilitation, Danderyd Hospital

Post Polio Syndrome and and neuroinflammation - relevance for ME/CFS?
by Professor Kristian Borg, the Department of Clinical Science,
Danderyd Hospital


RME 2012-09-12 14:33:00

Cancer Medicine helps with chronic fatigue syndrome

Cancer Medicine Rituximab In a previous study, improved 2 of 3
patients with the neuro-immune disease ME/CFS (chronic fatigue
syndrome). Preliminary results of an ongoing follow-up study in 28
ME/CFS patients show that the positive effect is more prolonged than
had previously been able to see, said Professor Olav Mella at a major
seminar in Stockholm on Tuesday.

Cancer Medicine Rituximab has according to a Norwegian study improved
2 of 3 patients with the neuro-immune disease ME/CFS (chronic fatigue
syndrome). Now a follow-up study that the effect is also considerably
more prolonged than had previously been seen. The good news presented
Olav Mella, a professor at Haukeland University Hospital in Bergen, in
a speech at a well-attended ME/CFS seminar in Stockholm on Tuesday

The results of the current study is unpublished, but the preliminary
findings are clear, according Mella. Rituximab provides long-term
positive effects.

28 ME/CFS sufferers treated with Rituximab in the ongoing follow-up
study. They get more treatments and for a much longer period of time
(6 times in 15 months) than in the first study.

Rituximab suppresses B lymphocytes. The research team Mella-Fluges
findings indicate autoimmune component in ME/CFS and offers hope for
the future effective treatment for the disease.

The first study was published in 2011 in the science journal PLoS One: 3Adoi% 2F10.1371%

At Tuesday's seminar also appeared Professor Christopher Snell,
Pacific Fatigue Laboratory, California. He told me that ME/CFS
sufferers become significantly worse during cycle tests repeated after
two days, as opposed to healthy people and people with other diseases.
The most important measurements are aerobic capacity and oxygen uptake
at the so-called anaerobic is an important piece of the puzzle in
understanding the physical differences in ME/CFS.

The seminar also appeared Per Julin, chief physician for ME/CFS
project at Danderyd Hospital, who presented the project experiences to
date and Kristian Borg, Department of Clinical Sciences at Danderyd,
who pointed to parallels between ME/CFS and post-polio syndrome.

The seminar was held in a crowded landstingssal in County Hall in
Stockholm, and was organized by the National Society for ME patients'
local union in Stockholm in collaboration with the Adult Education

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