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SSD issue on Huffington Post and Psychology Today

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December 12, 2012

Considered comments welcomed on both sites (both are moderated) but if reading or posting comment on Huff Po, please also click on the Psychology Today blog and leave a comment there, too, if you can, as Dr Frances wants to demonstrate, via numbers of PT post hits, the level of interest in this issue. We'd like to make it over 6000 hits by the end of today.

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Allen Frances
Professor Emeritus, Duke University

"Mislabeling Medical Illness As Mental Disorder: The Eleventh DSM-5 Mistake"

Posted: 12/11/2012 6:00 pm

Also on Psychology Today at:


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"Boycott The DSM-5: Anachronistic Before Its Time"

Jack Carney, DSW | December 10, 2012

When plans for the DSM-5 were first announced about ten years ago, most folks' reaction was "Why?". Many of us asked that same question several times as the publication date for the new tome kept on getting pushed back. Finally, the curtain enshrouding the DSM-5 Task Force and its several committees began to part and proposed revisions/additions began to appear on its website. To our dismay, we found our question answered.

Suzy Chapman

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