Monday, December 17, 2012

Misdiagnosis on a grand scale?

Misdiagnosis on a grand scale?
Our editorial in the most recent Breakthrough magazine (Autumn 2012) seems to have stuck a chord, so the text is now available on our website

The key point – that many people referred from primary care with a diagnosis of ME/CFS are found to have another, treatable condition when assessed at a specialist clinic – might not surprise patients themselves, since many have already questioned their own diagnosis and/or have had difficulties with the "patient-GP encounter" (for the patient view see and for the GP view ). Yet, the accumulating evidence of misdiagnosis on such a scale should be astonishing to healthcare professionals, and ought to greatly concern the NHS as an institution. Something is far wrong, and it needs to be fixed.
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I've said the same thing.  Some doctors will never diagnose CFS, no matter what; they'll call it depression even when there are symptoms reported that aren't seen in depression.  Other doctors will diagnose CFS in any patient who's tired, regardless of the reason.
Dr. Bell has noted that fully half of people initially diagnosed with hypochondria are eventually diagnosed with something very real that matches the symptoms they complained of all along. 
Trust the patient!

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I am not "misdiagnosed" with CFS.

I am MINDFULLY diagnosed with CFS.

"CFS" is the ICD-code that Allied NATO Government uses to hide millions of NON HIV AIDS cases (like mine) in plain sight!