Sunday, December 16, 2012

How does NIH spend your tax dollars?

Thanks to Lemon Foundation for these links:
This is how your tax money got allocated over the years:

I keep this link bookmarked and reference it often.

I think you will find it useful too.

For example, I love how our tax money funded the flu $272 MILLION, whereas patients suffering & dying of "CFS" received $6 MILLION.

ah, the inequities of life.

We must write to our representatives regularly demanding funding. If you don't think you are 'competing' for funding, you would be wrong.

U.S. reps can be found here:

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Some years ago, parents complained that their children's disease got only $35 per patient.  I made sure to keep up on that topic to point out that PWCs would be happy to swap places, since we get only $1 per patient (if you believe CDC's estimate of 4M patients in the US).

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