Saturday, December 22, 2012

FDA Panel Considers First Drug for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


Chronic fatigue syndrome is little understood, and Ampligen's approval would give patients some standing with their insurers, Klimas said.

"Even a single approved therapy, even if it were one I choose not to use, would be very helpful when I am arguing with insurance companies to legitimize the condition and that it is serious enough to require an intervention," Klimas said.


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Even if Ampligen isn't approved, at least stories about it are getting the word out that CFS is a legitimate disease.

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CFS is entirely understood.

It's so well-understood, actually, that Allied NATO Government goes out of its way to belittle/neglect/cover-up/censor it (since 1992).

We live in the wealthiest, most prosperous countries in the world. Are people really that naive to think that our government doesn't already know the causes (and cures) of CFS & ME?

They know.

I am NOT misdiagnosed with "CFS." I am MINDFULLY diagnosed with CFS, where Allied NATO Government hides millions of infectious NON HIV AIDS cases (like mine).

Our government created it this way on purpose.

It's called a cover-up!


CFSgate = AIDSgate = GWSgate

~ so big it's really 3-in-1! ~