Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanks to Tom Kindlon for this one!

[The following was highlighted by various people on Twitter as being
different from a lot of other "official" information on CFS. This is
the Google translation of it, which isn't perfect. I don't speak Dutch
so haven't tried to correct it. The information can be seen in Dutch
at the top link. Tom]
-----------------  i.e.

In the search for the causes of the disease the biopsychosocial model
focuses on the biological , psychological and social factors . One
seeks the cause in the personality of the patient and in certain
vulnerability factors such as stress, depression, biological factors
and personality traits.

This hypothetical assumption is now under increasing pressure because it can not account for the physical symptoms.
* * *
That last sentence really isn't new information.  From the beginning, generalists thought it was fakery because it was "every symptom under the sun", but neurologists noted that all the symptoms are related to Central Nervous System dysfunction.
The problem, as Steve Dupre and I noted in our Request for Congressional Action years ago, is that what researchers know isn't getting down to the front lines of doctors who treat us.  They're still being taught in medical school that we're just stressed and depressed, and for many of them, what they were taught in medical school will be what they do the rest of their lives, they won't incorporate new treatments. 
Heck, something like 90% of them admit to not reading the medical journals, or glance only at the index before tossing them aside, so would never even know there's a new treatment.  Patient attempts to educate them are often dismissed as "don't believe everything you read on the internet", even if what you read was on the website of a reputable medical journal.

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