Monday, November 5, 2012

Debunking "The Disability Trap"

"This is simply not true; SSI does not prohibit beneficiaries from engaging in work. This is a critically important message to disseminate"
"SSI provides a variety of work incentives, such as a 2-for-1 reduction on all earned income. This means participants who work can gradually earn their way off cash benefits while maintaining their health care coverage, meaning you're almost always better off working."
* * *
The most effective way to silence those who say people are just too lazy to work is to point out that the average Disability check is significantly less than minimum wage.  I had one friend who got about $300 a month, and another who currently gets about $650 a month.  At $7.50/hour, a full-time minimum wage paycheck is $1300 a month, and in some states minimum wage is even higher.  Would anyone in their right mind scrape by on half that (or less than half), doing without food and rationing their medications, if they were capable of working?!

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