Saturday, October 20, 2012

Life’s A Long Song | X Rx Blog

"When recovery does start, it is slow and fragile. It must be nurtured and it takes years, that from personal experience"
* * *
And it has. 10 years ago, I was almost completely bedridden and half-dead because I couldn't get anyone to prescribe the right things, so I continued to spiral downward.
A few years ago, I realized that continuing to clean up after the cleaners was part of what was keeping me sick; rest more now, feel healthier later. Just like my doctor keeps telling me that we need to get me healthy first and THEN worry about my weight, I decided to get me healthy first and THEN worry about getting the house back to as spotless as I like it. Sacrifice the house rather than sacrificing my life. And it worked; nurturing recovery as my primary goal, rather than cleaning the house for visitors who never came, how far from totally bedridden I've come!

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