Monday, August 27, 2012


Beware of using fruit-scented cleaning and laundry products. Safeway substituted Apple Mango Tango for the Gain detergent I usually use. Everything I washed with it before putting away for the summer was chewed by mice who thought this smelled like food. Never had that problem with the scent I prefer. I wonder if the company will offer to reimburse me for all the clothing I now have to replace?


bonnie adams said...

You complain that rodents ate clothes washed in a product - how about the fact you are living in an infested house? And I doubt any laundry product lured them in. Lord, lady - I don't care how ill you are - that is just scummy and disgusting. Better you worry about the filth and squalor you must be living in than looking for a hand-out from a corporation.

CFS Facts said...

Even clean houses can have mice in the attic or basement; I store out of season clothing in the basement.

One winter 20 years ago when I was perfectly healthy and my apartment was perfectly clean, a mouse found its way in drawn by the warmth. They only need a tiny opening (like the one around the pipes under the sink) to get in.

I know several healthy people with clean houses who have mice on a regular basis, so don't cast aspersions about things you know nothing about.

CFS Facts said...

Here's a story about a school cafeteria with a "rat problem"
Are you suggesting that the people at the school are "scummy and disgusting"? That the kitchen is in "filth and squalor"?

More accurate explanation, the school kitchen has food in it. Rats are attracted to food. It has nothing to do with cleanliness.

When you find evidence of rodents, you put down rat bait and traps. But if they're eating the available "people food", they're not hungry enough to eat the rat bait or risk traps.

CFS Facts said...

The fruit scent left behind by the Apple Mango Tango detergent smelled like food to the mice, so they followed their noses and chewed on the stuff that smelled like apples.

I never had this problem when I washed my out of season clothing in unscented detergent before putting it away. The only thing that changed since the last time I stored clothes was the scent of the detergent.

Now I know, to mark detergent on my Safeway order as "do not substitute" -- if they're out of the unscented that I ordered, then don't deliver any at all.