Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Save the Next Dance for M.E.

Save The Next Dance For M.E.

August 13, 2012

Imagine that you are perfectly well one day and suddenly become ill
with a terrible flu-like illness, but instead of being ill for a short
period of time, you don't get well again! That is what it is like for
the millions of people who suffer from neuro-immune diseases such as
myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndome (ME/CFS) and Gulf
War illness (GWI). They may have a few good hours in a day or a few
days of some relief, but for the majority of time they remain ill. You
may not be able to take away the pain and suffering, but you and I can
do something to make a real difference. Together, we can give those
who are ill the hope that one day soon things will change.

This year, we are not holding our annual I Hope You Dance dinner gala.
Instead, we are staying home in recognition of those who suffer from
chronic debilitating diseases that keep them from experiencing the
simple joys of living, such as attending work or school, playing their
favorite sport, or dancing!

Instead of asking you to dine and dance with us as usual this
September, we are asking that you help us by donating what you would
have spent on our annual gala event. By supporting the work of the
Institute, you give hope to the millions who are dreaming of the day
they will experience the joy of being well again. Your generous gift
to WPI represents hope for answers, hope for research and hope for a

Doctors and researchers at WPI are working every day to find the
answers for those who wait for a chance to return to their lives once
more. This field of medicine has too many unanswered questions. There
are no blood tests to diagnose these diseases. There are no FDA
approved treatments to end the chronic cycle of illness. Yet, we know
that with the support of committed scientists and knowledgeable
doctors, the answers are not far away. While some patients are
starting to see improvement, we have much more work to do to weaken
the devastating grip of neuro-immune diseases. Our mission remains
steadfast. Our hearts and minds are focused on finding answers for
those who suffer. Your generous donation is crucial to our success.

Please consider giving a donation in honor of someone you love, or
simply to help one of the millions of people looking to WPI for
answers. Your donation can make a real difference today in the lives
of so many.

With deepest gratitute,

Annette Whittemore, President WPI

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