Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Too good to be true

I've had problems for 15 years with the city trash service.  Even if I put the can exactly where they want it, it's hit-and-miss whether it gets emptied (and sometimes "emptied" is a relative term; they only dump a small portion of it).
Since I have a bad back and shouldn't be carrying anything, and have neurological problems that make the stairs dangerous, I was very happy last month to find out that they have Disabled Trash Service, in which they will take your can to the curb for you.
Today was the first day that I was supposed to get it, and instead I got a visit from a lower-level supervisor informing me that they won't come up the stairs to get my trash.  I have to figure out myself how to get the trash down the stairs, which is the problem that I applied for help with in the first place.  Once I've taken it more than halfway from my front door to the curb, they'll be happy to move it the last few feet.
The neighbors would rather insult me than help me, so that's not an option.  I was advised that if I throw the bags down the stairs and they burst, it is not the city's responsibility to clean up the mess.
Apparently, my only option is to hire someone (a handyman @$25+/visit?) to carry the trash down the stairs for me.

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