Monday, July 9, 2012

Food stamp fraud

"the truth is the "errors" in administering SNAP payments are within the 1% range and they are not fraud, but mistakes within the program's administration; the only fraud is from vendors who double-bill and cheat the government with unsubstantiated receipts. The eligibility requirements to receive SNAP are so stringent that it is all but impossible for program participants to qualify much less cheat."
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In other words, just like Medicare/Medicaid, the "fraud" is performed by the rich who are creating false invoices, not by the poor recipients, but it's the poor who get blamed.
There aren't enough jobs out there for the able-bodied at the moment, which means it's even harder for the disabled to get hired.  My own experience with the Disability system is that the people who run it don't consider whether anyone would be willing to hire you; I was told more than once that "with your qualifications any firm should be very happy to hire you", and it's true that I was invited to interview for nearly every job I applied for.  What the judge was unwilling to take into account was my inability to do the job.  If you can't sit upright more than 5 minutes without feeling dizzy and needing to lie down, you can't work.  And every time I brought up working at home, the interview was instantly ended.  Nonetheless, the judge wanted to believe that I wasn't working because I wasn't trying hard enough to get hired, not because no one wanted to hire someone with my limitations.
The law says you can ask for a 5 minute rest period every hour.  It doesn't say you can work for 5 minutes and rest the remainder of the hour.  That's what I needed, and that's what was preventing me from getting hired.  When even the agency that helps the disabled get jobs refused to hire me, it became obvious that I was wasting time, money and energy on a job hunt.  That energy was better used looking for a doctor who'd take me seriously.

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